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Interlude - the Iron Lady.

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Last year I got an extra job and worked 20 hours a week (while being a full-time second year law student) to save up to go to Paris and Barcelona. It was a REALLY intense semester but it was totally worth it (as an aside: got my best grades that semester). I went in March. My friend’s birthday was the weekend we were in Paris so her father paid for our hotel as her gift. I was planning on just doing budget joints but he got us a hotel a block from the Eiffel Tower with an unobstructed view. It was crazy.

So we were going to fly from Paris to Barcelona, which would have been fine, but our flight was at 8AM and the Paris airport was like 1.5 hours away. So long story short we were getting up at like 4AM. But instead of going to sleep early we went to bed around midnight because we had eaten dinner at a steakhouse and accidentally got drunk bc we couldnt speak the language so we accidentally ordered an entire bottle of wine instead of a glass.


I was laying in this hotel bed and I couldn’t sleep because the room was so lit up by the lights of the Eiffel Tower. And I got really annoyed bc I knew I only had ~3ish hours to sleep. And I’m like “ughhhhh I just wanna go to sleep wah wah wah” And then it hit me: I was annoyed because I spent the evening hours drunk & stumbling around Paris and I had to get up early to catch a flight to Spain and I couldn’t sleep because the lights from the freaking Eiffel Tower were coming through my window enough to keep me up.

Like how ridiculous is that statement? Esp. for a girl from Southside Chi. It was the moment I realized that, truly, ANYTHING is possible.

Okies that’s it for storytime. The light at the top of this photo just reminded me.

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Yanov Railway Station, Chernobyl

Yanov station was the vital passenger pickup point for those arriving by train into Pripyat in the hours after the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant catastrophe. The irradiated carriages and engines remain to this day.

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[photo: a black and white image of Black Panther Party leader Bobby Seale looking over bags of food to be donated to the local Black community]





Bobby Seale looking over bags of food being donated to the black community.

I think it’s telling that folks are more likely to circulate images of the BPP holding guns than they are of them passing out food. Even folks who supposedly support/ed the party. Guns are sexy and ~political~and virulent and masculine—groceries bags of food—that’s not what revolution is about. Except, that’s exactly what revolution is about.


this is why, this is why the government destroyed the BPP, because they were winning the hearts and minds of the people, and most importantly the YOUTH..

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Some of these are so awkward, and some are great, and there’s that one with the dad that’s just 100% heartbreaking.

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cool places you’ve had sex (outside of a bedroom setting)?

sex lounge


5th floor of the library in the quiet only rooms…

the louvre
the roof of a bowling alley

the bolded.

i just…can’t.

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he loved her soo much. 

This is my favorite photo set ever.

My heart.

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The last one.

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Date ideas 

  1. Take me to a Beyonce concert

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